Right of revocation

If you are con­sumer accord­ing to Aus­tri­an Civ­il Code (BGB), you can revoke your dec­la­ra­tion of con­tract with­in two weeks with­out giv­ing rea­sons in text form (eg let­ter, e‑mail) or – if the item was hand­ed over to you before the dead­line. The peri­od begins upon receipt of this instruc­tion in text form’ but not before receipt of the goods by the recip­i­ent (in case of recur­ring deliv­ery of sim­i­lar goods not before receipt of the first par­tial deliv­ery) and also not before ful­fill­ment of our infor­ma­tion require­ments. The punc­tu­al send­ing of the revo­ca­tion or of the thing is suf­fi­cient to ensure the revo­ca­tion period.

The revo­ca­tion must be sent to:

HCD-Hiller – Rainald Hiller
Untere Haupt­strasse 28/2
A‑7100 Neusiedl am See

Email: office@hcd-hiller.at

Revocation Sequence

ln the case of an effec­tive revo­ca­tion, the ser­vices received at both ends must be returned and any ben­e­fits (eg inter­est) drawn. lf you are unable to return the received per­for­mance in whole or in part or in a dete­ri­o­rat­ed con­di­tion, you may have to pro­vide us with a decree. This does not apply to the trans­fer of goods if the dete­ri­o­ra­tion of the goods is exclu­sive­ly due to iheir exam­i­na­tion – as it would have been pos­si­ble for you in the store busi­ness, for exam­ple. ln addi­tion, you can avoid the oblig­a­tion to make a change due to the in-use name of the item by not using the item like your prop­er­ty and omit any­thing that affects the val­ue. Trans­portable items are to be returned at our risk. The return ship­ment is free for you. Oblig­a­tions to reim­burse pay­ments must be ful­filled with­in 30 days. The peri­od begins for you with the send­ing of your dec­la­ra­tion of revo­ca­tion or the thing, for us with their receipt.