There is hardly a drink for which there is no suitable Cristalopolis drinking glass made of handcut lead crystal. They must neither be absent from elegant banquet tables nor from classy parties. They have become a good tradition for a very long time.

The Paris Cut of lead crystal

Of course also for our drinking glasses we apply our favourite Paris Cut, masterly cut by hand with stonediscs by our ladies and gentlemen experts. The characteristics are a strict order of a few complicated geometric patterns. It has become the symbol of a blossoming epoque in music, painting and literature, of research, development, engineering and progress. It was an extraordinarily booming phase in European history by mid 19th century. The growing and wealthy middle class gained more influence on politics, econmy and lifestyle. And so Bohemian Lead Crystal became most popular and widely spread.

For all kinds of events, all kinds of drinks, all kinds of sizes

At first glance you will see that for all kinds of beverages the suitable crystal glasses are available. Various crystal flutes for champaign, several wine glasses, beer glasses and beer mugs in different sizes, crystal balloon shaped brandy glasses, classic whisky glasses,tiny liqueur glasses or tumblers with Paris Cut. A few types are available in contemporary designs as well. Each type provides the usual sizes. Last not least: Whisky glasses for the 19th hole, for golfers!

Highest level

Best glass blowers and best moulds and best blanks for our drinking glasses. Strictly no stamps, no automatic machines – only human beings with their talents and their stone discs. The raw material is lead crystal with 24% PbO – this is our credo.